Unfortunately there are not much gay/gay-friendly clubs located in Northern Cyprus. Therefore most of the LGBTI members of the community hang on places located in southern part of the island.

If you know some located in the north, please let us know!

Bildiğimiz kadarıyla Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta çok fazla gay-friendly klüp bulunmuyor. Bu nedenle LGBTI bireyler adanın güneyinde yer alan mekanlarda takılmayı tercih ediyor.

Kuzey’de bildiğiniz gay-friendly mekanlar varsa, lütfen bizi haberdar edin!

Club Secrets  Freedom–Larnaka


‘Secrets Freedom Club is the number one gay club in Cyprus, located in Larnaka a 5 min drive from the Airport. Secrets is open Wednesday’s to Sunday’s from 11pm to 4am Closed Monday’s and Tuesday’s. It has it’s really busy nights on Friday’s and Saturday’s with a large variety of people who come to have a good time Dancing, Drinking and Meeting new people. During the week days the club is turned into a bar for some relaxing and fun cruzing with special drink offers. Bill and Nick are the owners of Secrets Freedom Club, two very nice men who have had the club for 7 years through rough times but manly good times!!! You can contact Bill and Nick for reservations on +35799455433 for English.’

X Live- Limasol


‘X-Live Club achieved to create for the first time in the history of Cyprus, A SPECIAL TEAM THAT SUPPORTS AND HELPS THE GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY OF CYPRUS. WITH ASTROLOGIST Mr. NICOS NICOLAOU as the president, AND WITH SOME GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS AND OUR OWN LAWYER SUPPORTING THE GOALS OF OUR TEAM, WE ARE ALWAYS READY TO HELP YOU. We can be reach on 96 722822 or Contact us by email 24 hours a day, everyday for any problem that any gay or lesbian can have. Like psychological support, domestic problems, job problems, or any problems that you encounter in your everyday life. Don’t hesitate to call anytime you want, with any problems and worries that is bothering you.’

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