Below there are some gay-friendly bars you can have fun.

Aşağıda eğlenebileceğiniz bazı gay-friendly barlar bulabilirsiniz.


Cream Bar –  Kyrenia / Girne

‘CREAM’ to this day is a well respected bar that contributes to putting Cyprus on the map. A great tourist and local hangout.
A lot of passion, enthusiasm and love has been put into its making.

Address: 56 Belediye Otopark / Kyrenia
Cream Tel: +90 392 816 01 59
Cream Mobile: +90 533 865 50 09
UK Contact: 0208 123 9858 – 0560 156 5731


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  1. Matthew says:

    Please let me know how to get to the bar. I’m at the Jasmine Court Hotel.

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