shortbus movement, northern part of Cyprus

Please e-mail us for assisting and consulting! (Psychology, Education, Advocacy, Health)

Lütfen yardım veya bilgi edinmek için bize e-mail yoluyla ulaşın! (Psikolojik, Eğitim, Hukuk, Sağlık)

*** Admins of this web-space are “GA-GA” since © 2011 Team from Shortbus Movement ***

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  1. meher ejaz ahmed says:

    hello, i want to know what you can to do about for immigrants. Who is living leagaly in greece from years and they have problems with thire documents to acctend. Now they are going to inleagal becouse in economic problem in greece they are not able to get job and so they don`t have to pay thire tex. please help them. thanks with regards.

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