Association(s) Amnesty International
Location London
Dates 22 July 2009-25 July 

26 July 2009-30 July

Contact persons Kondylia Gogou 

(Researcher, Greece and Cyprus

Europe and Central Asia Programme)

John Dalhuisen

(Researcher on Europe and Central Asia)

Amnesty International1 Easton Street, London WC1X 0DW, UK

TEL: + 44 20 74 13 5685.FAX: +44 20 7956 1157

The meeting with Amnesty International had been gone around the following topics:

•Who are we?

•What is the aim of the visit?.

•What can we do for LGBTI?

•What can we do about violation of the rights of LGBTI in northern Cyprus.

•How can we adjust violation of the rights of LGBTI in terms of violation of human rights?

•What can Amnesty International do for discriminated LGBTI people who live in the northern Cyprus .It is explained that LGBTI people in Turkish Cypriot Community are limited by law. It is mentioned that in order to law Turkish Cypriot LGBTI people are treated as guilty, must be punished and disrimination have explained. It is explained that the aim of this visit first of all to create awearness about the situation in Cyprus in Europe, to have information about the rights, process, and the situation of LGBTI people in Europe and with the help of support groups and organisation to make a movement.

They advise and give us some clues for a starting a movement. For example affect young and big communities like Universities.

The following topics were discussed during the meeting:

•Difference of Laws in North and South of the Cyprus?

• What happen if the laws are change in the northern part of Cyprus?

•It is discussed that what might be the point of wiev of society for LGBTI people when the laws change in North and the situation of law level difference in North and South.

RESULTS of this meeting:

•Project participants found support groups in Europe.

•Networks created

•A report related with LGBTI problems living in northern part of Cyprus will be documented at Annual Report of Amnesty International.

•Had a closer look to LGBT lifestyle in London.

•Expand the vision of the project group.

Uluslarası Af Örgütü’yle  yapılan görüşme:

·Biz Kimiz?

·Ziyaretin Amaci Nedir?

·LGBT konusunda neler yapabiliriz?

·Amnesty International  Kibristaki Türk toplumu LGBT bireyleri içinneler yapabilir?

Kibrista LGBTI olmanin yasalarla olan sinirliligi anlatildi. Eçcinsel davalarindan ve diskriminasyondan bahsedildi. Bu ziyaretin amacinin destek gruplari ve örgütler  yardimi ile hareket gerçeklerstirmek ve  ön bilgi edinmek oldugu anlatildi.


·Güney ve Kuzeydeki  yasalarin seviye farkindan olusabilecek durumlar ve Kuzeyde yasalar degistigi zaman toplumun LGBT bireylere bakis açilarinin ne olabilecegi tartisildi.

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